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Ancare Sheep and Cattle Products available exclusively from Ruralco stores including CRT, Town and Country, and Roberts & Rodwells. Genesis Equine available from all quality saddleries and horse equipment outlets as well as Ruralco stores.

More information on worm management and resistance can be found on the WormBoss website. Ancare supports WormBoss and recommends it to Australian sheep producers in the interests of sustainable worm management and a more profitable sheep industry.

Welcome to Ancare
Ancare Australia specialises in the development and marketing of parasite control products for livestock. Ancare distributes its products through Ruralco nationwide stores including CRT, Town and Country, Roberts & Rodwells.

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SEQUEL Abamectin/Levamisole Combi Drench for Sheep

SEQUEL Abamectin/Levamisole Combi Drench for Sheep combines the potent ML abamectin with the clear drench levamisole. The potent, ready to use combination of abamectin and levamisole makes SEQUEL a highly effective dual combination for use in drench programs in the place of a single active mectin drench. SEQUEL provides all the advantages of abamectin, with the added power of levamisole to boost efficacy, delay resistance and maximise productivity.

MAXIMUS Pour-on Moxidectin Protection for Cattle

MAXIMUS Pour-on for Cattle contains the powerful molecule MOXIDECTIN, a second generation member of macrocyclic lactone (ML) family drenches. Moxidectin is highly effective against both internal and external parasites of cattle, providing protection against roundworms as well as lice,buffalo flyer and cattle tick.